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Long Time -- No Change
    It's been a while since I last updated this site; once again, I've proven that I can't keep up even a simple commitment. It was never really a commitment to continuously post blogs here, but it would've reflected dedication.
    I'll probably begin posting only when there is a significant change in my Web site. If I add a cool new feature or something, I'll honor it with a blog. As such, you probably won't see a lot of these in the future. I apologize for the inconvenience, but not for the delay; after all, I have school to worry about.
    Someday, I'll fix this site up, but that day won't be for a while. For now, try entering "VIRUS" in My Old Computer to, um, "change" things...
Post was written on 2006-01-18

A Lost Week of Sleep
    Well, it's sad, but I probably will have lost an entire week's worth of sleep once this week is done. I have to stay up late to combat pressure and due dates on all fronts. I have a major project due tomorrow, and a major document to write and test by Tuesday. I also have quizzes and review that must be done or I'll perish. I don't think I can update the site this week -- at least until the weekend. If anyone has any tips for handling all the schoolwork, please e-mail me!

    Last night I managed to post part of my C++ tutorial. This page can be found on the menu at my home page. The files are still in HTML format; thus, you won't get the wonderful site graphics provided by my PHP scripts. However, for those of you who are bored, visit the Programming page!
Post was written on 2006-01-12

More Procrastination
    Well, it's amazing. I should've learned my lesson yesterday, but I didn't. I have procrastinated on homework yet again. However, school began late today, so I get to finish homework on-site! My determination to procrastinate never ceases to amaze me -- it seems that, as far as grades are concerned, I'm destined for doom. However, at least I'll have this cool Web site!
    Once again, I haven't done much since The Big Upload on Monday. So, just browse what I already have, and visit some of my affiliates. Here's a hint for using "My Old Computer" -- click on that link, and in the box enter "hammer"! You might just be entertained by what you see, but I guarantee nothing!
Post was written on 2006-01-11

Message from School
    What's really cool about this Web site is that I can update it from school! Via my web-based interface, I can enter blogs and change settings. It's not complete yet, but it's really nice. This feature is what lets me edit this thing from a Mac computer at my school!
    The problem is, I procrastinated a lot last night on a ton of homework. As such, I have to get to class soon. After all, I have to play the game of, well, finishing homework while teachers talk. It's an art I'm not good at, but that I do often. I'm out of time, so just look at stuff I've already published for now. Thanks for visiting!
Post was written on 2006-01-10

Solo Outpost Finally Up!
Well, after nearly 5 hours of grueling work, I have finally migrated Solo Outpost to my server. I have made quite a few corrections to various pages, and I've added new features like the Quick Load Mode. Now that Solo Outpost is up, I suggest you try out a few of the links. I'd prefer that you visit my old sites -- and be overwhelmed in waves of nostalgia as you look back to what I've done before. However, if you aren't impressed by what's here so far, just wait -- there's more to come!
Post was written on 2006-01-10

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